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Spiritual Evolution by Dr Daniel Houtman

We are delighted to announce that Dr Daniel’s new book, Spiritual Evolution – Examining Blocks, Expand Your Vision and Navigating Your Way to Happiness, is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats.

This book is about enlightening people to the fact that we all share a common thread of existence.

It offers those who have an interest, and those who are willing, to learn more about themselves and others. It is an opportunity to understand the self at a different level and to know that happiness is within our reach. It opens the window to make changes in life; lighting the way for future growth and development.

Spiritual Evolution by Dr Daniel Houtman, OMD

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From a client:

Dr Daniel is an accomplished and knowledgeable Qi Gong teacher. He has given me a profound spiritual technique which I can practice at home, something to help me slow down and raise my consciousness.